Dave + Rose | Engagement

When I crumble and wash away
Into waters dark and deep,
When the ache burns into my bones
And despair robs me of my sleep,
You wrap your arms
around me, nestle
Your warmth into my skin,
And for a moment
I can breathe;
You are the medicine.


Location: Real, Quezon, Philippines

Japet + Patrice | Engagement

The sea was rough, the winds were gusty. 
And yet even the elements themselves
couldn't keep these two apart.
Who said you can't do an engagement session
with a full-fledged storm raging on?

Ruel + Loveliness | Engagement

I’m not very good
at making specific plans.
Just meet me
under the sky somewhere
and be alive
with me. 


Location: Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines

Jordan + Eula | Urdaneta Wedding

Inside Jehovah’s organization, there are so many ways for love between a brother and a sister to flourish. Hopefuls can possibly find the love of their life at their home congregation, during meetings or at the field service. They also have a total of three assemblies per year wherein they can sift through the vast pool of eligible and loyal brothers and sisters to find the one their heart desires. There are also a lot of projects where brothers and sisters working together for kingdom interest sometimes also coincidentally discovers their love interest. These many avenues of service mean that sometimes, one finds love quite unexpectedly.

And yet, proven time and again, these relationships that blossom while serving Jehovah succeed not only because partners, by chance, finds someone whom they have a compatible personality with. The main reason they succeed is because their love is nurtured the right way; the Christian way. And the best thing is that when you find a partner inside Jehovah’s organization, you find not only a partner for life, but theoretically, a partner for eternity! 


Oliver + Lesly | Wedding

A lot of different places and faces have gone by as we cover weddings through the years. We have considered it a great privilege that all these brothers and sisters somehow found us and decided to have us be part of their wedding day. These special milestones in their lives happen only once anyway. But what if we’re given a chance to go back and do it again? This is exactly what Oliver and his friends gave us. Year after year, they have called us up and asked us to come back, trusting us over and over again to cover their congregation’s weddings. Not every photographer gets a chance to build a relationship not only with one couple, but a group of friends, and for that we are very grateful. Having this friendship is something that truly warms our hearts. And so as we step in once again for another wedding, the only thing we can do to reciprocate their trust is to tell their stories the best way we can: and that is through these photographs.


Location: Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Calvin + Giah | Tagaytay Engagement

The very moment I saw your glance
Stars and constellations
They don’t anymore seem so grand
A wayward emptiness within my bones
Suddenly erased from history
When I held your hand


Location: Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines

Jigger + Jamaica | Pampanga Wedding

Continents apart, physically you and I
Night and day, cold and warm
Like a lone sunbeam
Lighting up the night sky
Your voice in my ears
A fission so it seems
Ringing in my memory
Violent, loud and clear
Yet with my heart
I feel you here
Somehow we are together
I have nothing left to fear.


Location: Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Jonathan + Joren | Batangas Wedding

Once I was kept down
By gravity pulling me back to the ground
I have always longed for the clouds
But my feet and the soil
Seem to be permanently bound
Until you came along
And set my reins free
The earth not anymore
It can no longer hold me
So as you take my hand from up above
I will soar to new heights
And find freedom in your love.


Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Jeremy + Sunrise | Wedding

We have always encouraged people to take a few minutes and see all the images in the full sets that we share. Weddings are intricate and beautiful narratives and they deserve to be seen and felt by keen eyes and eager hearts. One or two photos does not tell the whole story yet sadly this is the trend nowadays. That is why we have always took effort to curate as many images as needed to paint the complete story in every wedding that we shoot. So we urge you to take time and look deeper. Don’t just see, but feel. And you’ll be surprised how these images affect you in ways you never could have possibly imagined. 


Location: Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Jerick + Sienna | Tagaytay Wedding

Let's have breakfast in the cosmos
you'll have coffee, i'll have tea,
we'll use stardust as our sugar
and sunbeams for honey

We will marvel at our planet,
which at times feels dark and cold,
but from a distance we will realize
all the beauty that it holds.

And from this new point of view
we will feel how everything's connected -
funny the difference a morning can make
when you take a new perspective.


Noel + Kristine | Baguio Wedding

And sometimes
you find yourself
back where you started,
but stronger and softer
all at once.
Swim inside the ocean of tenderness,
yet build boundaries
on the sand.
An open heart is
a paradise to protect.
- Victoria Erickson


Location: Calasiao, Pangasinan, Philippines

Jimrey + Jaja | Pangasinan Wedding

It can never be said enough: weddings are a celebration of love. The happy couple, the supportive guests, the beautiful venue. All elements conspire to usher such a memory-etching event. Yet it begs the question - why a celebration? The couple could simply sign a contract and still get married anyway. Simple. Weddings are a testament that love is still possible. The Bible foretold that today in the last days, “the love of the greater number will grow cold.” (Matt. 24:12) We see evidence of this everywhere. Yet inspite all these odds, still, two people found each other, cherished and trusted, each other and fell in love. And weddings are a cultivation of that concept. That no matter how loveless this world comes to be, as long as there are hearts that hope, strong and inextinguishable love is still possible.


Location: Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Wilson + Lalaine | Naga Wedding

What can I say? This wedding took us on another incredible journey. We had to do a 10 hour land trip from Manila to Naga City, shoot the whole day, and then go on another 10 hour drive right after the reception to get back to Manila and arrive just in time for the next day’s wedding. Truth is that this kind of schedule isn’t something that’s new to our team. Yes tiring, some might say, but it really doesn’t matter if you just remember the responsibility that your brothers actually entrusted you the privilege to document a very important day in their lives. Now its something that’s been said time and again, but that really is the only underlying purpose that will drive you when you’re dog tired even before the day starts. Yes, its hard to think creatively when you have almost zero sleep, but when you shoot a wedding like this that’s already teeming with happiness and love, in a way its a relief, for you really don’t have to hustle to create a fancy photo anymore. All you have to do is click the shutter and you’ve got memories people will cherish for a lifetime. Want to know what i'm talking about? Check out this full feature from Wilson & Lalaine’s wedding right here. 


Location: Infanta, Quezon, Philippines

Dennis + Joyce | Engagement

I hear galaxies screaming
Singing their dreams
They tell me stories
Of how they long to be
Transformed from stardust

Into you & me

They dreamt of us dreaming of them
We dream reality


Location: Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

Jahaziel + Abegail | Tacloban Wedding

Tacloban was my birthplace. During my childhood days in Leyte we visit this city maybe once or twice every few months. When people ask me where I was born and I tell them this city’s name, no one really knows. It is a city that's almost completely incognito to everyone. That was until November 2013. Typhoon Haiyan. The whole world saw what happened. Suddenly, it became a city that everyone knows. For a time, Tacloban was the center of the world. 

Fast forward 3 years, and here we are, back to my birthplace, this time to cover my childhood friend Jahaziel’s wedding. The city has recovered from the catastrophe, and as expected, the brothers welcomed us warmly, accommodated us generously. Then as we go on and meet more of our brothers and sisters there, we began to slowly unravel the experiences they had during the typhoon. We tried to avoid it since we know it is full of painful memories, but I think most of them recovered enough that these stories were merely stories told over dinner. As we hear these stories straight from the mouths of those who experienced it first hand, it was almost a surreal retelling of a movie. Some of them were almost hard to believe, a reality almost impossible to fathom. Yet the grim truth is that these stories are hard facts, and it is painful to think that our brothers had to go through these hardships. 

And yet, like a sunbeam through a thunderstorm, there’s a beautiful lesson we took home from their experiences. First is that Jehovah truly (and when I say truly it is TRULY) helps those of his servants who are in need. We don’t need to experience a super typhoon to realize that God’s hands are never too short to help us in any trial we may face. And second, is that the bond we share as Christian brothers and sisters would be more than enough to keep us going through any difficulties. In times of distress where other people scatter and leave others behind, our brothers stand hand in hand, ready to face the challenge head on. 

Yes, we went here for work, to cover a wedding, but we went home carrying more than pretty pictures. Most importantly, through the brothers and sisters we met in Tacloban, we went home with renewed faith and trust in Jehovah.

A big shoutout to the Rodado and Pacurib family for accommodating us generously through our stay. You not only fed our stomachs, but you also warmly catered for our hearts.


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