Location: Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Kurt + Kring | Batangas Engagement

Its fascinating how we can be so transfixed
looking unto the horizon
only to realize in the end that
the the only person you need
has been sitting beside you all along.


Location: Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines

Jonas + Leslee | Engagement

Together lets run away
as far as the eye can see
Towards unknown places take me
what an adventure it would be
Getting lost and getting found,
River rushing all around.
Howling wind, our favorite song,
never looking back,
baby, we’re going gone, gone, gone.


Location: DasmariƱas, Cavite, Philippines

Carlo + Bea | Cavite Wedding

Weddings are occasions that hold many traditions that have been done for hundreds of years. As a result, the general public have some preconceived notions as to what a wedding should and should not be. For couples getting married, it takes great courage to break apart from this adhered norm. To set aside tradition and pave the way for something new. One such tradition is the wedding reception. A beautiful venue, a grand entrance, elaborate performances, the couple’s first dance. Could you imagine a wedding without all these “essentials?” Enter Carlo and Bea’s wedding. Instead of an expensive rented venue, they had the kingdom hall grounds, lit by the warm setting sun. Instead of a grand entrance, they had a grand exit with all their friends welcoming them outside the kingdom hall into wedded life. Instead of elaborate performances, the brothers had fun and laughter all around. And instead of a first dance, they had an intimate walk together as the sun sets. Not the “norm” but it still turned out awesome! Sure enough, not a single frowning face was seen that day. Now we’re not saying that tradition is not good. Hey, we love receptions and all! Our point is that when you’re planning a wedding or something else in your life, never be afraid to go against the norm. Don’t settle for the tradition, and always try something new! There was a time when traditions were new too! As long as its scriptural, and as long as Jehovah God approves, surely your plan would turn out awesome too!


Location: Bani, Pangasinan, Philippines

Raymond + Norilyn | Pangasinan Engagement

The sunset
melts into the waves
the colors
fade into the sea
and it makes me wonder
if you'd ever
drown in love with me.


Location: Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

Jerry + Jane | Wedding

Becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you
was beyond my control.
I want to thank Jehovah God
for giving me you.


Ruel + Loveliness | Wedding

Sometimes challenges arise and you just have to make do with what you have. When we arrived at Ruel & Love’s wedding preps, we were immediately told by the staff that we couldn’t shoot virtually anywhere on the premises. Beautiful overlooking garden? Nope. Pool area? Nope. Reception area? Nope. No way to ask for and secure a permit either. No problem, we have a room and a small elevator area. We kept our determination to deliver the best possible output we can with what we have. At the ceremony and reception venue, similar situation. Urban downtown setting, no trees and greens. No problem, we took the shoot to the streets! We had to dodge some cars and busy pedestrians, but it was fun. We believe that creativity shouldn’t be hindered by circumstance. So when you find yourself in a tight spot, make do with what you have. Think positive and let creativity do its work!


Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Calvin + Giah | Wedding

Weddings take a lot of effort, time and patience to organize. Months of preparation, dozens of supplier meetings, and the usual headache over the guest list is no easy thing to do. A couple can truly use all the help they could get from their friends, but the greatest help comes from above. On the day of their wedding, Calvin and Giah emphasized one thing: When everything that happens goes according to plan, all you can do is attribute everything to Jehovah. 


Dave + Rose | Engagement

When I crumble and wash away
Into waters dark and deep,
When the ache burns into my bones
And despair robs me of my sleep,
You wrap your arms
around me, nestle
Your warmth into my skin,
And for a moment
I can breathe;
You are the medicine.


Location: Real, Quezon, Philippines

Japet + Patrice | Engagement

The sea was rough, the winds were gusty. 
And yet even the elements themselves
couldn't keep these two apart.
Who said you can't do an engagement session
with a full-fledged storm raging on?

Ruel + Loveliness | Engagement

I’m not very good
at making specific plans.
Just meet me
under the sky somewhere
and be alive
with me. 


Location: Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines

Jordan + Eula | Urdaneta Wedding

Inside Jehovah’s organization, there are so many ways for love between a brother and a sister to flourish. Hopefuls can possibly find the love of their life at their home congregation, during meetings or at the field service. They also have a total of three assemblies per year wherein they can sift through the vast pool of eligible and loyal brothers and sisters to find the one their heart desires. There are also a lot of projects where brothers and sisters working together for kingdom interest sometimes also coincidentally discovers their love interest. These many avenues of service mean that sometimes, one finds love quite unexpectedly.

And yet, proven time and again, these relationships that blossom while serving Jehovah succeed not only because partners, by chance, finds someone whom they have a compatible personality with. The main reason they succeed is because their love is nurtured the right way; the Christian way. And the best thing is that when you find a partner inside Jehovah’s organization, you find not only a partner for life, but theoretically, a partner for eternity! 


Oliver + Lesly | Wedding

A lot of different places and faces have gone by as we cover weddings through the years. We have considered it a great privilege that all these brothers and sisters somehow found us and decided to have us be part of their wedding day. These special milestones in their lives happen only once anyway. But what if we’re given a chance to go back and do it again? This is exactly what Oliver and his friends gave us. Year after year, they have called us up and asked us to come back, trusting us over and over again to cover their congregation’s weddings. Not every photographer gets a chance to build a relationship not only with one couple, but a group of friends, and for that we are very grateful. Having this friendship is something that truly warms our hearts. And so as we step in once again for another wedding, the only thing we can do to reciprocate their trust is to tell their stories the best way we can: and that is through these photographs.


Location: Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Calvin + Giah | Tagaytay Engagement

The very moment I saw your glance
Stars and constellations
They don’t anymore seem so grand
A wayward emptiness within my bones
Suddenly erased from history
When I held your hand


Location: Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines

Jigger + Jamaica | Pampanga Wedding

Continents apart, physically you and I
Night and day, cold and warm
Like a lone sunbeam
Lighting up the night sky
Your voice in my ears
A fission so it seems
Ringing in my memory
Violent, loud and clear
Yet with my heart
I feel you here
Somehow we are together
I have nothing left to fear.


Location: Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Jonathan + Joren | Batangas Wedding

Once I was kept down
By gravity pulling me back to the ground
I have always longed for the clouds
But my feet and the soil
Seem to be permanently bound
Until you came along
And set my reins free
The earth not anymore
It can no longer hold me
So as you take my hand from up above
I will soar to new heights
And find freedom in your love.


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