Jayson + Andrea | Wedding

Burdened by the fact that weddings are a once in a lifetime event, couples looking to get married have the tendency to spend too much precious time and money on unnecessary details. Lavish invitations, intricate bouquets. Overfancy jewelry and expensive shoes. Believing that these details would make their big day extra special. But really, what makes  a wedding special? Weddings are a celebration of love. And a celebration wouldn’t be complete without the people who took their time and made effort to show support for the couple. Indeed, at the heart of every successful wedding are the people who made a concerted effort to make the wedding possible. Of course, wedding details like rings and bouquets also have their importance. Take Jayson and Andrea’s wedding as an example. From the classic color theme to the hand-drawn invitations, their simple yet personalised approach to their wedding details produced timeless artifacts adding to the specialness of their wedding day. So couples, always keep in mind, the cake may be fancy but its your friends all around you that truly matters! (1 Cor. 16:17, 18, Prov. 17:17)


J A Y S O N  x  A N D R E A
w e d d i n g

Shot on location at Quezon City, Philippines

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