Location: Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Paolo + Kay | Makati Wedding

Tearjerking, brave and elegant. These are just some of the many words that come to our mind when we think of the moments we captured during Paolo & Kay’s wedding. Tearjerking for the small yet beautiful moments like a son giving her mom a quiet yet sincere hug, to the big ones like probably the most emotional embrace we’ve seen a dad can give her daughter as she walks down the aisle. Elegant for the finely chosen details and beautiful venue (which is by the way in our bucket list of locations we want to shoot at), and finally…Brave for the countless wild and happy moments, down to the epic dance showdown at the end of the reception! (don’t forget to check it out!) Sure, there must be a ton of other words that the people who attended might use to describe Paolo and Kay’s wedding, and for sure they’re all apt and suitable! But here, we invite you to come have a look at our take!

Location: Subic, Zambales, Philippines

Ezekiel + Marielle | Subic Engagement

“I don’t ever crave extraordinary moments anymore. Just small, gentle hums of beauty streaming from below, above, and beyond simply from paying attention. Sound. Light. Shadow. Warmth. The morning. Dreams that are not faraway but exist right here - already in my days, hands and heart.”

Location: Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Glen + Ann | Wedding

As the sun sets over the city skyline in the background, Glen and Ann exchange wedding vows in a peaceful, heartfelt ceremony. Thereafter, their loving family and friends then went on to flood them with their hugs and well-wishes. Then, the reception took off and set the bar for non-stop music and dancing all around! It was just pure awesome fun simply roaming the venue with a camera on one hand, and drinks on the other! Oh and when you think it ended there, it didn’t! Time for the afterparty! 😆

Location: Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

Mark + Kinah | Kasalan

Sabi nila ang pag-ibig daw ay isang paglalakbay. At sa paglalakbay, may mga hamon na kailangang higitan. Halimbawa, si Mark, anlayo ng bahay niyan kila Kinah, tapos sobrang trapik pa sa EDSA. Ilang oras ang paglalakbay masulyapan lamang siya. Si Kinah naman, pang-gabi ang trabaho. Kahit puyat okay lang. Handang ipagpalit ang tulog sa kislap ng kanyang mga mata. Nakaka-kilig diba? Sa katunayan, ilan lang yan sa mga hamon na pwedeng dumating. Kung umiibig ka at may ka-relasyon, marahil iba din ang mga hamon na napapaharap sa inyo. Ngunit tandaan, sa paglalakbay maraming iba’t ibang daan. Ang mahalaga, yung daan na dadalhin ka sa gusto mong puntahan. At higit sa lahat, basta kasama ninyo si Jehova, sigurado ang paglalakbay ay inyong mapagtatagumpayan! (Kaw 3:6)

Location: Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

John + Ivy | Tagaytay Wedding

It was still dark when our team departed for Tagaytay in the morning of John and Ivy’s wedding. As we started our journey, we were immediately greeted by the extraordinary traffic at C-5. One might argue that there’s always traffic at C-5, but trust us, this one is on a different level. We ended up arriving in Tagaytay at around noon time. What an epic journey indeed! We immediately went to work with adrenaline still in our veins trying to do everything quickly to make up for lost time. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when we made it to the ceremony / reception! John and Ivy’s wedding, in its sheer grandiosity, is simply faithful and sincere at the same time. Our hearts were touched by the warm smiles of our brothers and sisters attending the wedding. For sure, some of them also had to experience the insane traffic we went through to get there, but still their laughter and smiles remained, showing that it's all well worth it. To be simply joyful being there celebrating the love with the newlyweds!

Quincy + Patty | Wedding

Quincy & Patty’s wedding took place in an intimate garden with rustic elements, truly fitting details for this beautiful garden wedding. Right in the heart of Metro Manila, age-old trees surrounded the guests as they excitedly witness Quincy and Patty exchange their vows in their pleasantly solemn ceremony. A joyfully upbeat reception came right after, and everyone went home not only with their appetites satisfied, but with their hearts full of happiness for the newlyweds as well!

Location: Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines

Ralf + Leli | Engagement

It exists in moments
In connections
In flashes across time

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Carlo + Nikki | Engagement

Spend your life with someone who makes even going to the grocery store an adventure! 


Location: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Philippines Branch Office

Bert + Jane | Wedding

Aside from the bacon and eggs breakfast they offered us first thing in the morning the moment we arrived on location, before we even pulled our cameras out of the bag, what we appreciated most about Bert and Jane's wedding is the intimate relationship they share with all their guests. Every laugh, tear, and embrace on their wedding only showed us how dear Bert and Jane really was to their friends and family. We saw the effort of everyone who helped prepare and those who gave their wonderful performances. When we see a love shared like that, for us, that is something truly special.

Location: Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines

Jared + Nikka | Wedding

One of the most adventurous couples we've ever had! Who would dare shoot at the busy streets of Eastwood in the sweltering mid-day heat with their entire entourage? This couple wouldn't say no! Here we share what transpired during that awesome day. Lo and behold Jared and Nikka's wedding!

Location: Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

Gift + Lei | Wedding

When Gift and Lei invited our team to document their wedding, we were delighted when they told us their wedding would be held in Antipolo. “Home court!” I said. On top of that, the real pleasant surprise was that the hotel where they will have their pre-wedding preparations is the same hotel me and my wife, Ingrid, did ours during our own wedding! Many fond memories from our wedding came back rushing in, but it was nice to have another “set” of memories, this time about Gift and Lei. Thank you for having us on that great day! The privilege truly was ours!

Location: Magallanes, Cavite, Philippines

Kier + Renaly | Cavite Wedding

There are many factors that couples consider when choosing their wedding venue, but the most pertinent are practicality and distance. Kier and Renaly decided to forgo both these factors when they held their wedding at an isolated Kingdom Hall far away from both their homes. And they did this for one reason: A gift. Kier and Renaly are both volunteers at a small congregation at the outskirts of Magallanes, Cavite. When they finally decided to get married, they couldn’t imagine not having their precious brothers and sisters at their wedding. Since not everyone from their congregation has the capacity to travel somewhere to attend the wedding, they ultimately decided to tie the knot at their congregation’s relatively isolated Kingdom Hall. “Regalo na namin ‘to sa kanila.” Kier, the groom said. “Kasi kung hindi kami dito ikakasal sa Magallanes, saan pa?” He added. In doing so, their wedding effectively became a gift, dedicated to their beloved congregation. And what a joyous occasion it was! While onlookers might ask how a couple could sacrifice that much for others on their own wedding day, that is a question we all know the answer to: It was done because of love.

Location: Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

Romir + Kat | Wedding

No gimmicks, no frills, just classic timeless elegance. Just how it should be done!


Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ralph + Joanna | Wedding

Then she said: “You are yet another proof of Jehovah’s undeserved kindness to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. Jehovah must have loved me so much. I love you, love!” As she bursts into tears, her husband to be lends her a consoling embrace. Dry throat and shaking hands, she then proceeds to walk down the aisle. After the ceremony was over, friends and family flooded the newlyweds to offer their well wishes. At the height of emotion, and being surrounded by people who genuinely loves them so much, this was too much for her to handle. Tears started rolling down her face. A collective “ahhwww” ensued, then a congregation of hands proceeded to reach and hush her tears, seemingly tranquilizing her sadness. Right there, and right then, she was home. Nope, you didn’t just read a passage from a novel. Those were true stories, taken straight from Ralph and Joanna’s wedding. As we were opportunate enough to document their wedding, its our privilege to share these moments with you through these photos. Now, take a look!

Location: San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines

Reinier + Mitch | Wedding

We just love shooting uniquely themed weddings! Just like Reinier & Mitch's wedding, they got everything right! From the dress styling, to the venue setup all down to the smallest details. Here we feature their Korean-inspired wedding! Swoon in 3...2...1... 


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