Location: Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

John + Ivy | Tagaytay Wedding

It was still dark when our team departed for Tagaytay in the morning of John and Ivy’s wedding. As we started our journey, we were immediately greeted by the extraordinary traffic at C-5. One might argue that there’s always traffic at C-5, but trust us, this one is on a different level. We ended up arriving in Tagaytay at around noon time. What an epic journey indeed! We immediately went to work with adrenaline still in our veins trying to do everything quickly to make up for lost time. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when we made it to the ceremony / reception! John and Ivy’s wedding, in its sheer grandiosity, is simply faithful and sincere at the same time. Our hearts were touched by the warm smiles of our brothers and sisters attending the wedding. For sure, some of them also had to experience the insane traffic we went through to get there, but still their laughter and smiles remained, showing that it's all well worth it. To be simply joyful being there celebrating the love with the newlyweds!

J H N  x  I V Y
w e d d i n g

Photo / Video: The Paperwall Studio
Preps: Splash Suites Tagaytay
Ceremony / Recption: Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay

Shot on location at Tagaytay City, Philippines. 

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