Location: Magallanes, Cavite, Philippines

Kier + Renaly | Cavite Wedding

There are many factors that couples consider when choosing their wedding venue, but the most pertinent are practicality and distance. Kier and Renaly decided to forgo both these factors when they held their wedding at an isolated Kingdom Hall far away from both their homes. And they did this for one reason: A gift. Kier and Renaly are both volunteers at a small congregation at the outskirts of Magallanes, Cavite. When they finally decided to get married, they couldn’t imagine not having their precious brothers and sisters at their wedding. Since not everyone from their congregation has the capacity to travel somewhere to attend the wedding, they ultimately decided to tie the knot at their congregation’s relatively isolated Kingdom Hall. “Regalo na namin ‘to sa kanila.” Kier, the groom said. “Kasi kung hindi kami dito ikakasal sa Magallanes, saan pa?” He added. In doing so, their wedding effectively became a gift, dedicated to their beloved congregation. And what a joyous occasion it was! While onlookers might ask how a couple could sacrifice that much for others on their own wedding day, that is a question we all know the answer to: It was done because of love.

K I E R  x  R N L Y
w e d d i n g

Photo: The Paperwall Studio
Preps: Abagatan Ti Manila
Ceremony: Magallanes, Cavite Kingdom Hall

Shot on location at Magallanes, Cavite, Philippines

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