Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ralph + Joanna | Wedding

Then she said: “You are yet another proof of Jehovah’s undeserved kindness to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. Jehovah must have loved me so much. I love you, love!” As she bursts into tears, her husband to be lends her a consoling embrace. Dry throat and shaking hands, she then proceeds to walk down the aisle. After the ceremony was over, friends and family flooded the newlyweds to offer their well wishes. At the height of emotion, and being surrounded by people who genuinely loves them so much, this was too much for her to handle. Tears started rolling down her face. A collective “ahhwww” ensued, then a congregation of hands proceeded to reach and hush her tears, seemingly tranquilizing her sadness. Right there, and right then, she was home. Nope, you didn’t just read a passage from a novel. Those were true stories, taken straight from Ralph and Joanna’s wedding. As we were opportunate enough to document their wedding, its our privilege to share these moments with you through these photos. Now, take a look!

R L P H  x  J N N A
w e d d i n g

Photo / Video: The Paperwall Studio
HMUA: Abby Ortaleza
Location: Sampaguita Gardens

Shot on location at Quezon City, Philippines.

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