Location: Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Erkki + Ida | Wedding

All people understand the power of the still image to capture emotions and preserve memories. Some events though only happen once in a lifetime, and photographers of all people understand the weight of that responsibility, that vow to document those important never to happen again moments in their client’s lives. So when Erkki, a photographer himself, asked me to cover his wedding for him through photos, I felt honored and humbled at the same time. I felt honored for the most part because a person who shares the same passion on the craft of photography has trusted me enough with this crucial task of covering his wedding day, truly a once in a lifetime event. Being a photographer’s photographer isn’t a title you get to helm everyday and it truly was an awesome privilege. At the same time I was humbled because I know that I am not the best person for this job. Even if I wanted to deliver the ultimate best output for them, I know that someone out there can surely do it better than me. But as storytellers, we make do with what we are handed with, and for Erkki and Ida’s wedding, it was a one in a million kind of story to tell, for it was theirs. I tried to keep these photos simple and straightforward, focusing on emotions rather than gimmicks, just like how a fellow storyteller would like it! So I hope you enjoy my take on their wedding day the same way I enjoyed spending it with them!


E R K K I  x  I D A
w e d d i n g

Photo: Angelo Bilang of The Paperwall Studio
Video: Alfred Limos of Creatibs Studio
HMUA: Rhodessa Della Rabe
Venues: Pasig Kingdom Hall / Village East Clubhouse

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