Location: Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Wilson + Lalaine | Naga Wedding

What can I say? This wedding took us on another incredible journey. We had to do a 10 hour land trip from Manila to Naga City, shoot the whole day, and then go on another 10 hour drive right after the reception to get back to Manila and arrive just in time for the next day’s wedding. Truth is that this kind of schedule isn’t something that’s new to our team. Yes tiring, some might say, but it really doesn’t matter if you just remember the responsibility that your brothers actually entrusted you the privilege to document a very important day in their lives. Now its something that’s been said time and again, but that really is the only underlying purpose that will drive you when you’re dog tired even before the day starts. Yes, its hard to think creatively when you have almost zero sleep, but when you shoot a wedding like this that’s already teeming with happiness and love, in a way its a relief, for you really don’t have to hustle to create a fancy photo anymore. All you have to do is click the shutter and you’ve got memories people will cherish for a lifetime. Want to know what i'm talking about? Check out this full feature from Wilson & Lalaine’s wedding right here. 


W L S N  x  L L N E
w e d d i n g

Photo / Video: The Paperwall Studio
Location: Royale Emelina Hotel

Shot on location at Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines

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