Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Jeremy + Sunrise | Wedding

We have always encouraged people to take a few minutes and see all the images in the full sets that we share. Weddings are intricate and beautiful narratives and they deserve to be seen and felt by keen eyes and eager hearts. One or two photos does not tell the whole story yet sadly this is the trend nowadays. That is why we have always took effort to curate as many images as needed to paint the complete story in every wedding that we shoot. So we urge you to take time and look deeper. Don’t just see, but feel. And you’ll be surprised how these images affect you in ways you never could have possibly imagined. 


J R M Y  x  S N R S
w e d d i n g

Photo & Video: The Paperwall Studio
Preps: Microtel
Ceremony: Metro Manila Assembly Hall
Reception: Don Jose Clubhouse

Shot on location at Quezon City, Philippines.

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