Ruel + Loveliness | Wedding

Sometimes challenges arise and you just have to make do with what you have. When we arrived at Ruel & Love’s wedding preps, we were immediately told by the staff that we couldn’t shoot virtually anywhere on the premises. Beautiful overlooking garden? Nope. Pool area? Nope. Reception area? Nope. No way to ask for and secure a permit either. No problem, we have a room and a small elevator area. We kept our determination to deliver the best possible output we can with what we have. At the ceremony and reception venue, similar situation. Urban downtown setting, no trees and greens. No problem, we took the shoot to the streets! We had to dodge some cars and busy pedestrians, but it was fun. We believe that creativity shouldn’t be hindered by circumstance. So when you find yourself in a tight spot, make do with what you have. Think positive and let creativity do its work!


R U E L  x  L O V E
w e d d i n g

Photo: The Paperwall Studio
HMUA: Abby Ortaleza


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