Location: Batangas, Philippines

Guido + Jobelle | Wedding

I’ve been a loyal Nikon user eversince i’ve started doing photography, but after years of shooting weddings lugging around big and bulky DSLRs, it’s getting old real fast. I decided to get a pre-owned Fuji just to try it out. I admit i’ve never been a fan of the so called “mirrorless revolution,” but once i’ve tried using the camera, I was actually amazed at how capable these small cameras really are. 

When Guido and Jobelle, fellow photographers and Fuji users, approached and asked me to shoot their wedding, I know it has to be shot on a Fuji camera. I hesitated at first, but ultimately I decided to leave the Nikons at home and shoot exclusively using the Fuji and the two lenses I have for it. What was the experience like? It was liberating. The system was soo light I think I could shoot 36 hour days with it. Since its so small, I could go incognito and no one notices that i’m actually taking a photo! And the way it renders JPEGs out of the camera is amazing! I submitted the photos to Guido right after the wedding, no need for post processing! 

Truly, Fujifilm has effectively rekindled my passion for photography in a new direction. Will I be jumping ship from Nikon to Fuji? Right now my answer is no, since my Nikons are still capable of doing some things the Fuji can’t. (Hint: Autofocus and Full Frame) But who knows what the future holds?! Fuji medium format anyone? 


G U I D O  x  J O B E L L E
w e d d i n g

Shot on location at Batangas City, Philippines


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