Location: Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines

Jared + Rachelle | Wedding

Jared & Rachelle's wedding is laughter and fun all around! Their bubbly personality seem to be infectious for everyone during their wedding seems to be simply enjoying the day. Without any hint of nervousness which is quite normal for a bride, I remember Rachelle asking if she can go wear her gown already. As I gave her the go signal, she exclaimed "yes!" in excitement. Looking beneath the surface though, inspite all of the ridiculous amounts of laughter that ensued, I remember how chill the mood was during that cold rainy morning. The ceremony was a sincere, solemn event, and no one would forget the reception as well. Truly a day to remember as Jared and Rachelle begins their journey to forever!


Photo: The Paperwall Studio
Video: Rocketship! Cinema
HMUA: Shanice Valena
Venue: Marikina Hotel / Marikina Kingdom Hall / Renaissance Convention Center
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