Jerahmeel + Sharmaine | Pangasinan Wedding

lmost 6 hours by bus from Manila and you arrive at the town of Binalonan in the province of Pangasinan. It's a morning wedding, and we literally had no sleep so its a constant battle with our heavy eyes as we shoot through the day. Add up the fact that almost everyone speaks Ilocano; even the wedding talk was given in the Ilocano language. You might think that's hard, but the beauty of being part of our worldwide brotherhood is that wherever you go, you have a family among people you haven't even met before. It's like being home away from home. So despite the lack of sleep and travel fatigue, the warm welcome and care by our brothers literally fueled us through the shoot. We wouldn't forget the take home home-made Longganisa the groom, Jerahmeel gave us after the wedding! That right there is some tender loving care! Enjoy these photos we took home from this unforgettable wedding! 


Photo: The Paperwall Studio


Shot on location at Binalonan, Pangasinan, PH
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