Location: Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Marvin + Gladness | Wedding

It takes courage to be different. To set yourself apart from the norm, to stand out from the crowd, so they say. That is especially a challenge during weddings, where people have a certain expectation about how things "should be." One Saturday last January was when I first met Dondon & Glad. Coffee, getting to know yous, pictorial arrangements. The usual stuff. What's special is that as they unravel to me the details of their wedding, I started to realize one thing: this wedding will be unique. Although they frequently try to water it down by saying things like "simple lang talaga yung kasal namin," I became excited to shoot their wedding simply because I know that this is something we don't get to see everyday. Something different! So since their wedding will be unique, I wondered if they would be willing to do unique photos with me as well. Their answer? They basically gave me unlimited creative freedom! That is another reason why for the next 2 months before their wedding, I was really excited! This event shall grind the creative gears again, but this time in a different direction! I was determined to work hard and make sure their trust is well placed. 

Exhibit A: Dondon & Glad's Wedding. From their steel toe shoes, to the hand-written personalized invitations, to the sunflower bouquet, to the chill no-song-number-no-performances-reception, everything about Dondon & Glad's wedding just screams unique. What was the experience like being there? Exhibit A was perfectly executed. It. Was. A. Blast. Yes, it takes courage to be different. But for Dondon & Glad, it all worked out well! So we encourage all you soon to be weds to not simply settle for the norm! Find ways to be different! Oh, and the unlimited creative freedom will truly be appreciated as well.


w e d d i n g

Photo: Angelo Bilang | The Paperwall Studio
HMUA: Aisa Cordova
Reception: Calle Preciosa

Shot on location at Pasig City, PH
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