Location: Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Gideon + Danlyn | Palawan Wedding

It’s funny how some friendships can be found, lost, then found again. There is an uncertain amount of time in between, and nobody knows how long. I met Danlyn when our family went on a vacation to Palawan many many years ago. Her father, Kuya Dan, fetched us from the airport, then their family took us in, fed us, told stories over dinner with us, even gave us a literal “home beside their home.” Haha. They also showed us all around Puerto Princesa and we made new friends as well. I was really shy at that time, and I didn’t really spoke that much to Danlyn and her family, but what was forever engraved in my memory was the warmth of their hospitality. Our family went home, and I never saw their family again. 

Fast forward into one afternoon in October of 2015, I received a phone call from a number, it was Kuya Dan, Danlyn’s dad. He was telling me that Danlyn was getting married. Yes, that little girl I remember from many years back is getting married, and they want us to shoot their wedding. After some back and forth phone calls and texts, all arrangements were finalised then again I am on a plane to Palawan not for a vacation this time, but for this “assignment.” That was my mindset, at least. We landed, then Kuya Dan personally fetched us from the airport. He took us to our accommodations. The next day, we did the wedding, and now we’re headed to the airport for the return flight. For some reason, the whole experience for me was a nostalgia. I can’t quite explain how, but then it occurred to me. Was it the food? The beach's scent? No. It was these people. These people never changed. From the moment Kuya Dan fetched us from the airport, to how Gideon and Danlyn personally attended to our needs even during their wedding day, to the midweek meeting we attended, up to the final goodbyes at the airport, they never changed. They are still the same loving hospitable family I have come to remember many years back. I can say that again, I felt home away from home. 

Yes, as photographers and videographers, we finished our “assignment,” but ultimately, it became truly more than that. Our legacy merely are these photos, but the christian love that was shown to us is something no photograph can portray. This wedding, along with everything and everyone in between once again found that special place in our hearts. A special shoutout to Bro. & Sis. Fred and Cora Maximo, we literally couldn’t have survived our “extended stay” there without you! Three meals a day with stories under the stars at night, who could ask for more? Haha! Thank you for letting my crew experience as well that same abundant christian hospitality I experienced many years back! Now, onto the highlight! Enjoy these photos from Gideon & Danlyn’s wedding! 



Photography: Angelo Bilang | The Paperwall Studio
Videography: Babo Creative Studio

Locations: Puerto Princesa Kingdom Hall / Ponce de Leon Garden

Shot on location at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, PH

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