Jojo + Honey | Wedding

To build a house, you need workers to do the actual construction itself. It is not an easy task. In fact, construction is very hard work! You might ask, what motivates workers to give that much effort? In Jehovah’s organization, construction projects are done by volunteers who work for free, with no salary. What motivates them to do that? 1 Thessalonians 1:2 mentions about the “labor of love.” Yes, this quality is the motivation that helps these zealous brothers work hard day in, day out without anything in return! Marriage on the other hand, is a lot like construction. The workers, in this case the couple, need to work hard as well to make their relationship successful. And just like in building a house, it needs to be done as a labor of love. What result does this bring? As our kingdom song goes, “upon our labor of love, we’ve seen your blessing from above.” Yes, anything done upon a labor of love is sure to succeed, because it will have Jehovah’s blessing! Our couple, Jojo and Honey both served as members of the Local Design and Construction (LDC) so its safe to say that the success of their relationship can be attributed to them being familiar with this comparison! The lesson? Love never fails. So this applies not only to marriage or construction, but in everything we do. Whether you are pursuing a relationship, or doing a personal project, or perhaps reaching out for a goal, always follow the greater way of love, for it is something that is sure to bring blessings from above! 


J  J  x H N Y

Photo: Angelo Bilang
HMUA: Jemima Tan
Preps: Microtel
Ceremony & Reception: Capitol Hills Golf & Country Club

Shot on location at Quezon City, Philippines 
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