Location: Tanay, Rizal, Philippines

Jazzer + Jazhel | Tanay Wedding

Routine. The dictionary defines it as “a boring state or situation in which things are always done in the same way.” While some embrace the relative certainty routine brings, some on the other hand fear this idea of rudimentary repetition. The reality of life is that most days are like this. Mundane, ordinary, nothing special. Yet, from time to time, life gives us something beyond the routine. Some moments beyond the ordinary. Sometimes these special instants from time only last a short while, but their value remain forever etched in our memory. For parents, it can be the day their child takes their first wobbly steps. For some, it may be a milestone in life, like the day they got baptized. These moments, while brief they may be, in a sense, offers an escape from what this world offers in general: a routine driven life. Some of us may like to call it “a dream come true.” For the most part, couples regard the day they got married as one of these rare “dream come true” moments. For Jazzer and Jazhel, whose wedding we feature today, the smiles they had as the emotions were reflected on their faces in the photos we took during their wedding are proof that every once in a while, life brings you something beyond the routine. Sometimes, some days are simply something out of a dream. 


J Z Z R x J Z H L
w e d d i n g

Photo: Angelo Bilang & Jath Fajardo of The Paperwall Studio
Video: Paula Pantaleon & Johnboy Benosa of Rocketship! Cinema
HMUA: Anne Agustin
Ceremony & Reception: Jullian's Garden

Shot on location at Tanay, Rizal PH

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