Location: Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines

Yerai y Yeye | Wedding

What is family? For most of us, we became member of a family the moment we open our eyes into the world. Basically, a family is something we are born into. Yet even though this is the default truth, it is actually possible to find a family someplace else. Some have found a family within their friends, while many witnesses consider the Christian congregation their family. When two people get married, they too in a sense find a new family. The moment a person marries someone, they too in a way become a member of each other’s family. This means new parents, siblings, and personalities to meet! 
As with Yerai and Yeye’s case, their families come from different cultures and backgrounds, but as you will see on the photos from this album, their families became intertwined in an almost effortless way. What made this possible? This is because In a larger way, they too are members of a bigger family and that is our worldwide association of brothers! 
Yes, we are all members of this worldwide family! And soon, everyone on earth will be our family too! Take a glimpse into what a worldwide family is like in these photos we took from Yerai and Yeye’s wedding. We hope these genuine moments touch your heart the same way it did to ours!


Y E R A I  x  Y E Y E

P > The Paperwall Studio
V > Rocketship! Cinema
L > L'Aquinum Gardens, Marikina

Shot on location at Marikina City, Philippines
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