Location: Tanauan, Batangas, Philippines

Elmer + Kim | Batangas Wedding

Elmer and Kim are very hands on with what they do. Even at the very morning of their wedding day, they were still busy going to and fro, arranging things themselves. Elmer had almost zero sleep having just arrived from purchasing flowers from Manila, which is about 60km away from their venue. Kim was also busy making sure everything was set at the venue and around town.  Even though unexpected events led to their last minute change of venue, their hard work along with the help of all the equally hardworking brothers and sisters from their congregations, their specia  day was a beautiful and solemn garden wedding. It was blazing hot the whole morning but during the ceremony, we were helped by a cool breeze from the rain shower outside, which happened to stop just in time for their portrait session! Truly, these things may be little, but they are the details that prove how Jehovah truly blesses those who are rightly disposed towards him!


E L M E R  x  K I M
w e d d i n g

P > Angelo Bilang & Johnboy Benosa of The Paperwall Studio
V > Tanauan Event Center

Shot on location at Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines

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