Location: Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Richard + Princess | Ilocos Norte Engagement

I took your hand and you looked at me
And I realised something that can rather be
From time indefinite an unbeckoned mystery
The answers were here with me apparently

Could it be the wind whispering in my ear?
Or is it this sea churning waves assured and continually?
For the universe’s secret, it decided to keep
That is was you all along love, right here beside me

So now as we hold hands, my knees become frail
I now know the answer from what was once a telltale
It didn’t seem possible that I have found this holy grail
Truly, we share nothing less than a love on an epic scale.


R C H R D  x  P R N C S S
e n g a g e m e n t

Photo: Angelo Bilang of The Paperwall Studio

Shot on location at Ilocos Norte, Philippines
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